FINEX 1 Qt. Sauce Pot


Prevents caramelizing and scorching of sweet secret sauces— it’s a go-to for perfect reductions and glazes too. Beyond sauces, our cast iron sauce pot is excellent for baked beans, polenta or grits. Works great for baking delicious single-serve brownies, cakes and cornbread. Some even throw it in their wood-fired ovens for single-serve lasagna.
  • 1 Qt. Sauce Pot

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  • Spring Handle

    Wound from 300 series stainless steel rod stock and hand polished to high luster, our handles stay cool longer, cool off quicker and feel better in the hand. Inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, they bring high-end fit and finish to a time honored design.
  • Polished Surface

    Stone-tumble polished to deliver an easy cleaning and durably seasoned cooking surface that acknowledges and refines the iron’s sand-cast origin.
  • Angled Sides

    Boxy sides take up less space on the grill or in the oven while offering easy spatula access behind the crust on bread, lasagna and other small baked goods.
  • Pre-seasoning

    Ready to cook right out of the box, each FINEX Sauce Pot comes doubly pre-seasoned with 100% organic flaxseed oil to a non-stick, rust resistant bronze finish that will patina, darken and continue to improve as you cook.
  • Heavy-gauge Cast Iron

    Thick cast iron base and sides store and distribute heat, reducing hot spots and keeping sauces from scorching.

    • Length: 12"
    • Width: 6"
    • Height: 3"
    • Weight: 5 lbs.
    • Cooking Surface: 4"
    FINEX 1 Quart Sauce Pot - top view
    FINEX 1 Quart Sauce Pot - side view