Old-fashioned Quality. Ultra-modern Design.

Our work ethic is a bit outdated. We polish metals by hand. We season our cast iron the slow way. And we believe the things you use every day should be beautiful, guaranteed for life, and 100% American made.

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  • Skillets

    Polished smooth, fit with an ergonomic speed-cool handle, and built to last for generations.

  • Grill Pans

    Cook anywhere with the highest ribs in the game and make perfect grill marks.

  • Dutch Oven

    Made from heavy gauge cast iron for excellent heat retention and distribution.



Heavy gauge cast iron cooks on any heat source—indoors or out—and our speed-cool handle makes it all easy to bring to the table.

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What Makes FINEX Different?

Heirloom-grade craftsmanship and visually striking design that delivers hard-working cooking performance for a lifetime.

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Delicious Cast Iron Recipes.

Whether you’re new to cast iron or a long-standing cast iron veteran, get inspired with these simple and delicious recipes.

Be sure to visit our full list of recipes.

"This might just be the world’s best cast iron skillet—period.“

"[FINEX] looks and performs like a family heirloom right out of the box."


"Best Cast Iron For Baking.“

"It’s pricey but will outlast and outperform any kitchen gadget you can find.“

"A cast iron skillet that's worth the investment.“