FINEX Cast Iron Cookware
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Tradition, Reinvented.

When we designed FINEX Cast Iron Cookware, we studied vintage, high-quality cast iron cookware. And made it even better. Modern design, heirloom quality, functional elegance.


Polished to Perfection.

We apply age-old techniques and use modern technology to give you cast iron that’s polished to perfection so eggs slide easily and sauces don’t stick—without adding toxins to your food.



Speed Cool Handle.

Inspired by antique wood stoves and made from stainless steel, our ergonomically designed spring handle stays cool longer, balances the pan and feels sturdy in your hand.


More Control.
More Variety.

Eight sides for eight ways to get a bigger spatula in the pan and flip those flapjacks. Six spouts for easy pouring of sauces and liquids. Used with the FINEX cast iron lid, you get a flavor seal for simmering, braising or steaming your favorite foods.


Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware

Fine American
Cast Iron Cookware

Handcrafted From The Highest Quality
Materials In The U.S.A.

A Work of Art in Iron.

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Recently purchased 3 Finex pans. The 10" and 12" skillets with lids plus the 12" grill pan.Absolutely fantastic quality; a work of art in iron ! Best cast iron cookware ever built. I have Lodge and Griswold and they're nice but not on par with Finex!

The VERY best.

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So, I've had my new Finex skillet for 3 weeks now. Honestly have to say, this is the VERY best pan/skillet I have EVER used - bar none!! The Maillard reaction this skillet gives any protein is insane! The flavor the skillet gives slow cooked pasta sauces, etc. is ridiculously good! There is just a flavor this skillet imparts that is amazing. If you love to cook, you MUST get one of these pans/skillets! It will be there best INVESTMENT you will ever make in your cooking. Thank you Finex for making such an incredible product. I will be a customer for life! Oh, and I'm buying the grill this week

Great Looking

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Incredible looking products. You guys are like the Steve Jobs of frying pans!

Designed For Those Who Tell Their Story Through Food.

And for
Those Who
Are Allergic
To Compromise.

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