12-Piece Cast Iron Set

$1600.00 $1400.00

Every FINEX piece, together in one ultimate cast iron cookware set. Be ready for any cast iron cooking challenge with our full line of Skillets with Lids, Grill Pans, Dutch Oven, Sauce Pot and Trivet. Invest in quality that’s guaranteed good forever.

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7-Piece Cast Iron Set

$840.00 $725.00

The ideal cast iron cookware set with just enough pieces, at just the right price. 3 Skillets, 2 Lids, the 10” Grill Pan and an American Cherry Wood Trivet for versatility that includes grilling, simmering, braising and steaming.

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5-piece Grill, Sear & Sauce Set

$685.00 $625.00

One cookware set to accomplish nearly anything in the kitchen. Grill, sauté, bake & bring it to the table. Includes: A 12″ Skillet with the lid, a 12″ Grill Pan, the 1 Qt. Sauce Pot and our American Cherry Wood trivet.

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4-piece Classic Family Set

$440.00 $380.00

Two incredibly versatile skillets—perfect for for searing, sautéing, baking, steaming or braising a variety of dishes. Coupled with our American Cherry Wood trivet, this set is perfect from kitchen to table.

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12" Grill & Sear Set

$520.00 $450.00

Our two most popular cast iron pans together at an incredible price. Get the best grilling and searing results indoors or out. Plus, we added the 12” Lid to turn your Skillet into a simmering, braising and steaming machine.

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5 Qt. Dutch Oven With 10" Skillet

$475.00 $395.00

FINEX functional design takes on two classics. With a shared Lid, the 5 Qt. Dutch Oven & 10” Skillet set features premium cast iron construction, ensuring each piece looks good and cooks better. This set offers classic cast iron versatility in a more convenient package.

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2-piece Sauce & Grill Special

$225.000 $195.00

The finest grilling from the comfort of your own kitchen - or anywhere life takes you. The 15” Lean Grill Pan paired with the 1 Qt. Sauce Pot keeps you grilling indoors year round, without scorching or caramelizing your sauces. The best value for FINEX cast iron grilling.

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