Experience What “Handcrafted” Really Means.

Our factory tours allow guests to walk the factory floor where we drill, machine, stone tumble, pre-season, and assemble all FINEX products. Stop in anytime 9-5:30, Monday through Friday and see first hand the attention to detail that goes into each piece of FINEX cookware.

Local and Proud of It.

Portland is home to one of the largest collections of cast-iron architecture in the country, dating back to the 1850s. This spirit has carried on through the decades and is an essential part of our DNA today. Our small team is passionate about crafting cast iron cookware that lives up to our “Good Forever” guarantee with Portland’s foundry tradition in tow. Visit us to learn why our handcrafted, high-quality cookware keeps the ethos alive and how our details make the difference.

Find What’s Right for You.

After the tour, take some time to peruse our factory store where the full FINEX lineup is available. Whether you’re coming in as part of a field trip or simply exploring our neighborhood, we encourage you to let each piece inspire and expand your culinary ambitions.

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(503) 946-1136

2236 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Tours weekdays 9am - 5:30pm