FINEX Cooktop 7-Piece Cast Iron Set

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“Every size for every possible cast iron creation you tackle. A set you will be proud to own.”

The FINEX Cooktop Set is for those with a deep passion for cast iron cooking and a desire to pass down impressive and useful heirloom cookware to family members or loved ones.

Simply put – when you invest in this handcrafted collection, you will be prepared for any cast iron cooking challenge. That includes searing and grilling, cooking indoors and out, and cooking meats, vegetables, breads and desserts. One could easily prepare a seven-course meal using this assortment.

Seven handcrafted pieces:
(1) FINEX 12” Cast Iron Skillet
(1) FINEX 12” Cast Iron Lid
(1) FINEX 10” Cast Iron Skillet
(1) FINEX 10” Cast Iron Lid
(1) FINEX 8” Cast Iron Skillet
(1) FINEX 10” Cast Iron Grill Pan
(1) FINEX Laser Cut Cherry Wood Trivet

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