FINEX 12″ Twin Spring Grill Pan & 1 Qt. Sauce Pot

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Here at FINEX big pans make us happier than a dry-aged steak and this one is no exception. Hotter than some Texas counties and almost as wide our 12″ Twin Spring Cast Iron Grill Pan gives you space to feed all your friends and family at one time. Rich foods drain easily without frying due to individually machined and polished extra-deep grill ribs. Designed to pair with our new thick bottomed 1 Qt. Cast Iron Sauce Pot that prevents sweet sauces from caramelizing or scorching. Together this combination delivers professional BBQ results on gas, charcoal or electric heat. Think of them as the answer to your grilling prayers.

Two handcrafted pieces:
(1) FINEX 12″ Cast Iron Grill Pan
(1) FINEX 1 Quart Cast Iron Sauce Pot

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