FINEX Cast Iron Cookware
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Crafting a new class of quality.

It takes us longer to craft our cookware, but we don’t believe in shortcuts. We’re meticulous on quality and our cast iron cookware surpasses current standards.



That’s how many pairs of hands it takes to craft this pan—and about the same amount of hours. Our pans are crafted by hand the hard way, and we sweat the details because every FINEX pan is guaranteed Good Forever.

Cast With Precision.

Using temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees, we carefully melt quality sourced iron to start our craft process. Every cast iron pan is cast with precision by hardworking American hands.


Using select tools, we go to work to carefully refine the iron to bring out each pan’s thoughtful design. Paying close attention to every detail, we also introduce characteristics that make them individually unique.

The Perfect Fit.

Our standard of quality requires exacting detail. Every piece must be cut, shaped and refined by hand so the finish details come together perfectly.

Finishing Touches.

Every pan is polished, tumbled, pre-seasoned and assembled completely by hand in Portland, Oregon. We obsess over every detail to craft the finest cookware you’ll be proud to pass down for generations.

Modern Design.

Polished, easy-to-release cook surface. Thicker castings to optimize searing techniques to seal in flavors. Ergonomic spring handles that stay cooler so you can easily grip the pan while cooking.

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FINEX 12-inch Cast Iron Grill Pan

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