Cast Iron Resources

Q: Can I use your skillets on my induction stovetop?

Yes. If you have a glass or ceramic stovetop, we recommend that you avoid sliding any cookware with hard surface across the surface.

Q: How do I take care of my skillet?

Please refer to our post on basic care of your cast iron skillet.

Q: How do I restore my cast iron cookware?

Sometimes bad things happen to good cast iron cookware. First, scrub the inside of your cookware with steel wool. Promptly dry your cookware after washing it (try to avoid soaking the spring handle in water and soap). Lightly coat the inside and outside with the cooking oil of your choice and bake it in the oven at 400º for an hour. If you don’t still see the desired results, feel free to send us an email at

Q: What are the complete dimensions of your skillet?

We include the complete dimensions of all our products on our webstore

Q: Are your skillets oven-safe?

Yes Our skillets are made with all high quality metal parts so they can withstand high temperatures. The brass caps and, to a lesser extent, the stainless steel get a patina over time and also with very high temperatures. There is no functional damage to the parts with such use.

Q: Do you have retailers in my location?

We are pleased to already have a strong set of premium retailers across the US and in several international locations. Please check our list of current retailers here.

Q: Do you pre-season your cast iron cookware?

Yes! We use organic flaxseed oil to prepare our cookware for your first use and also to protect them from cast iron's susceptibility to rust. We use the proven traditional method of applying the oil and spreading evenly before heating in a standard cooking oven.

Q: Do you deliver internationally?

Yes! If you can receive packages from USPS and UPS, we can deliver to you. Please note that import duties and taxes are not included.

Q: How does your cast iron cookware compare to other premium brands?

We are focused on bringing functional additions to the great cast iron cookware tradition while incorporating design elements. Each one of the following quality additions is intended to bring higher value to our customers and your cooking experience.

- Ultra-smooth computer machined cooking surface that allows for easy release (no other NEW skillet on the market has this feature).
- An ergonomic “Speed Cool” polished stainless spring handle with a brass cap.
- Patented octagonal “Multi-Pour” design that allows for 6 pouring directions.
- Handcrafted in the USA from start to finish These combined design advantages result in a revolutionary new design creating a modern Heirloom that is fully founded in the American traditions.

Q: Why is the color of your new cookware more dark bronze than the black color I see in some other manufacturers?

We pre-season our cookware in the traditional manner applying organic flaxseed and spreading evenly before heating in a standard cooking oven. With use, the color will get darker. There are other industrial methods available using very high temperatures in presence of Hydrogen and excess Nitrogen that give a very dark and strong seasoning before shipping the product. We have opted for the proven traditional methods in line with our respect for traditional methods that have been proven over centruries of use.

Q: I want to send one of your products as a gift. How do I complete the purchase?

When you place your order, put the recipient's information in the shipping area and your information on the billing area. We do not include the pricing information on the shipping packet.

Q: I have some other questions. How do I contact you?

The best way is to send us an email at We are always happy to hear from our FINEX community and help in any way we can.