Cast Iron Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes With FINEX 12" Cast Iron Skillet

My neighbor has some amazing blueberry bushes growing in her garden so she let me fill up a mason jar with them. I decided to bring them into work and make some pancakes for the team. The results were phenomenal.

Cast Iron Blueberry Pancakes


    • 1 ¾ C all-purpose flour

    • 2 Tbsp sugar

    • 1 tsp baking powder

    • ½ tsp baking soda

    • ½ tsp salt

    • 2 large eggs

    • 1 C milk, plus more if needed

    • 1 C sour cream

    • 1 stick butter, melted

    • ½ tsp vanilla extract

    • 1 ½ C fresh or frozen blueberries

    • ½ tsp lemon zest


  1. Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt into a large mixing bowl.
  2. In a separate large bowl, lightly whisk the eggs. Add the milk, sour cream, half the melted butter and the vanilla, whisking to blend.
  3. Make a well in the dry ingredients and pour the egg mixture into it. Whisk the ingredients together just until blended. Fold the blueberries and lemon zest into the batter.
  4. Heat your FINEX skillet over medium heat and coat with some of the remaining melted butter. For each pancake, pour about 1/4 cup of the batter into the hot skillet. Cook 3 or 4 pancakes at a time, depending on the size of the skillet. If the batter seems too thick, thin it with 1 to 2 tablespoons milk. When bubbles begin to form and “pop” on the pancake’s surface, after about 1 minute, and the outer edge looks done, flip it over and cook briefly for about 30 seconds on the other side.
FINEX 12 inch cast iron skillet

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